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Demontage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Demontage play a mix of black and heavy metal, drawing on influences from all over the genre and creating their own unique form of epic blackened doom.

Featuring Paul Pervertiis.


Sauron, Lansing, Michigan, USA

Sauron are an uncompromising, dirty, raw, black/thrash band from the depths of Lansing, MI. Unprofessional, lazy, these spontaneous bastards stand directly opposed to the "cleanness" of modern metal. Instead, they draw from the evil and deadly black and thrash metal bands of the 80's and rip your head off with their own brand of evil thrash.


Harbinger, Lansing/Detroit, Michigan, USA

Harbinger are a raw US speed/power metal band whose leads and riffs are heavily influenced from underground N.W.O.B.H.M., speed, and traditional heavy metal bands like Satan, Brocas Helm, Holy Terror, Hawkwind, Agent Steel, Angel Witch, and many more. High-octane riffs and powerful leads bring DOOM ON YOU!

Featuring Sean Cyriis.


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