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Welcome to the new Twilight Hammer website.

Now available for download: WRATHFIRE DEMO


01 - Wrathfire
02 - The Plague
03 - Until The Stars Are Conquered
04 - Satanic Speed Metal

This is the first Twilight Hammer material released in about six and a half years. Line-up problems (mainly the lack of a drummer) was the cause of the long drought between new material. Returning to the fold on this release is original drummer Sean Cyriis (of Harbinger from Detroit, MI).

These four tracks highlight the cold and brutally fast black/thrash metal that Twilight Hammer plays. Relentless and ripping, Twilight Hammer hopes to continue forward from this release with more of this devastating material.


Jon Incendiis - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Pervertiis - Bass
Joel Militis - Guitars
Sean Cyriis - Drums

Download full demo.

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