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01. Wrathfire
02. The Plague
03. Until The Stars Are Conquered
04. Satanic Speed Metal

New demo available for download on March 01, 2014.

First new music by the band in over 6 years, as the debut album "Orcish Steel" was released late in 2007.


Jon Incendiis - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Pervertiis - Bass
Joel Militis - Guitars
Sean Cyriis - Drums

Recorded in various basements in Detroit, London, and Toronto.

Mixed/mastered by Jon Incendiis.

All songs written by Jon Incendiis except "Satanic Speed Metal" by Destroyer 666.

Download .zip file via MEDIAFIRE


01. The Thrashing
02. Slaughter At The Gates Of Udun
03. Orcish Steel
04. Passage To Babylon
05. The Flames Of Toronto
06. Another Heaven Burns
07. The Torch Of War

Released on CD on November 02, 2007.

All songs written and performed by Jon Incendiis.

Available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

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